I’d like to start a Simple Church. How do I get started?

These 4 simple steps will lead you through the training process for starting a new Simple Church or connecting an existing house church to this Simple Church Network.

It’s easy to get started.

STEP #1: Watch the introductory webinar video.
STEP #2: Use the webinar to build a CORE4 Missionary Team.

Tips for building your CORE4 team.

1) Prayerfully make a list of the people God would have you invite over to your home to watch the webinar video presentation. Please DO NOT bring a stack of Simple Church DVDs to distribute at your local church. This can cause unnecessary difficulties.

2) Set a date to invite the people on your list to watch the webinar, though keep in mind that depending on people’s schedules, you may have to show the webinar several times. Download the high-resolution webinar video here to play it directly from your computer.

At the end of the webinar showing, 3) share your conviction to move forward and become a Simple Church missionary. This process does not require a vote to see what the majority thinks of your decision. Simply state your conviction and intention to move forward, and leave it at that for the time being.

4) Invite your group of people to come back next week to start Simple Church’s PhaseONE Training if they are interested. Setting a specific time and date will help communicate to your group that you are indeed planning on moving forward with this.

5) Assume that those who come back for training are ready to move forward with you.

Other Notes: How to handle opposition. Simply say, “I am new to Simple Church. It would be better it you called Milton and asked him your questions. His phone number is on the webpage.”

After watching the webinar, listen to people’s responses and comments, it will become evident who has caught the missionary vision of Simple Church. Work with these people and don’t worry about exerting effort with those who are still on the fence. Press forward in Jesus’ name!


STEP #3: Watch PhaseONE Training all together as a CORE4 Team.
Jump-Start PhaseTWO Training.

Get a head start by complete one of these Bible Studies and order the Experiencing God workbook. (Also available for order in the UK and in additional languages)

Complete the Bibles studies and Experiencing God workbook individually.  Do not try to complete them together as a CORE team.

STEP #4: Start PhaseTWO training by contact a Simple Church CORE4 Missionary friend with these requests:

1) Please coach our new Simple Church CORE4 Planting Team.

2) Please send me an official invitation to start PhaseTWO training.

NOTE: If you do not yet have a CORE Missionary friend to ask to become your coach, you may contact anyone listed on our Contact page. Let them know that you have completed Steps 1-3 and are ready to start Phase 2 training.