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What SHOULD church look like?

For most of us, all we know about “doing church” is what the traditional church taught us.

And while God is using traditional churches in amazing ways, true disciplemaking inspires us to look back—to look at how the church grew rapidly and sustainably in the New Testament era. Simple Church is not just a small version of church, it’s a welcoming, relational, family environment that allows plenty of room for the Holy Spirit to do His work. “For where two or three gather in My name, there I am with them.” Matthew 18:20, NIV.

Billy Graham warns institutional church of attendance mega-shift.

Church Attendance Is Declining


60% of North American people are not interested in walking into a church building.

That means conventional churches are trying to reach 40% of the population. What about the 60%?


80% of North American churches are declining or plateaued.

The vast majority of the church’s growth comes from “switchers”—people who move from one church to the other. Researchers suggest only 1-3% of growth is due to conversion.


83.6% of North American people do not attend a conventional church on any given weekend.

95% of people in other Western cultures are not attending a conventional church.

Upside Down Leadership?

What exactly does that mean? We find that the biblical models of leadership are in stark contrast to the world’s models of leadership. While authority was generally indicated by one’s position, Jesus had a different idea for His church. It’s been called the “Upside Down Kingdom.” “The first shall be last…” “The blind will see, and those who see will become blind…” While Jesus Himself had no earthly position, He was often regarded as one who spoke with authority. He received that authority from His Father—and our Father—God. With Jesus’ life as an example, we embrace a church that functions by serving alongside one another, setting our dependance on the Father, and a collective burden to seek the lost.

Do you know someone who will not walk into a church building?

104 million Americans have walked away from their local churches.

Why are these people leaving? Where are they going?

Are house churches biblical?

We hear about the Tabernacle, of Solomon’s temple, and of various synagogues.

Did you know that the New Testament Christians were part of house churches?

When did formal church buildings begin to replace house churches?

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