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Dear Bible study student,

This network works with people from all walks of faith as well as people who are just coming to faith. So some additional background might be helpful.

As a person interested in house churches, you probably already recognize the house church movement as an attempt to reclaim the New Testament Church experience. Some deviations from the Biblical model have come into the church since New Testament times. Two changes which took place under the emperor Constantine are almost universally reflected in modern churches:

1. Constantine did away with house churches and moved the people into basilicas, which eventually became cathedrals and what we commonly call church buildings today.

2. Constantine also did away with the Biblical teaching of the priesthood of all believers (or as some describe it, “every member a minister”) and established a professional class of priests, which we would call clergy, priests, or pastors today. And to maintain their eliteness, Constantine assigned to them the privileges of 1) baptizing, 2) marrying, 3) burying, and 4) dispensing the sacraments, commonly called The Lord’s Supper.  This is also why Simple Church does not pay people to plant Simple Churches.

Most of the Christian population has no idea that Constantine made changes, and they have been told that these practices are Biblical, when in fact the changes were part of Constantine’s strategy to marry Christianity and paganism. Is that to blunt? (You may have read the book Pagan Christianity).

Do you what to know the rest of the story?

These Bible studies, expose additional compromises with paganism. But since we work with people who are just coming to Christ, as well as Christians who grew up in Christian homes, these studies begin with Bible basics and then dig deeper as the studies progress. These Bible studies go much deeper than most people have gone in their study of the Bible.

The reason Simple Church asks people to jump-start PhaseTWO training is because we want them to take a meaningful look at Scripture. House churches are a bit trendy (like home schooling, home remedies, and small-scale home farming) and we want people to be Biblically grounded so that they are not tossed and turned by every wind of doctrine (or trend) that comes along (Ephesians 4:14).

Our collective dream is to see a revival of primitive godliness, of Biblical theology, and a contagious practice where the body of Christ lives out authentic New Testament Christianity.  It is our prayer that this reformation will grow in your heart and expand into your circles of influence as you learn, embrace, share, and live out Biblical truth.

May God bless you as you jump-start PhaseTWO training and more importantly, as you jump into His Word.

VIDEO Bible Studies

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PRINTABLE Bible Studies

NOTE: Download and print the entire ComeAlive / Stay Alive series, an excellent Bible study resource for adults.

“Come Alive with Jesus” is specifically designed for people wanting to know what Christianity is all about and what the Bible teaches. Work your way through these studies alone or as part of a group.

Stay Alive with Jesus” continues the Come Alive series. Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about the future? Or what heaven might be like? Or what happens to people after they die? And what about living here and now—does the Bible have any useful guidelines on managing time, money, and health?

Children’s Bible Studies


The Seventh Day: Revelations from the Lost Pages of History

Hal Holbrook reveals the ages-long controversy over the biblical day of worship—the Creation Sabbath. This story spans thousands of years and links key evidence from around the world. Holbrook’s testimony provides an exposé, supported by the more than 50 historians and theologians with Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Jewish perspectives.