What makes Simple Church different from other house church networks?

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There are other house church networks out there. What makes Simple Church distinct?

While there are other effective house church networks in existence that also uphold the priesthood of all believers and work to connect others to the loving community of Christ-followers, Simple Church exists to be each of these items in one package:

  • Simple Church is a global network
  • Simple Churches are linked to each other.
  • Simple Church is not for profit
  • Simple Church has a homegrown coaching leadership model. A Simple Church coaching leader is someone who is:
    • Actively part of a CORE4 missionary team
    • Reaching secular and unchurched people
    • Seeing fruit from their ministry work
    • Enjoy helping other CORE4 teams start new Simple Churches

In other words, Simple Church does not “departmentalize” leadership. Coaches and leaders are those who are currently and¬†actively doing front-line CORE4 Missionary work. This high level of integrity among coaching leadership brings a high level of authenticity as privilege and responsibility go hand in hand.

We at Simple Church aspire to make our leadership model similar to biblical examples, and we hope to train lay leaders across the world.

Interested in starting a Simple Church? Find the first steps here.