Church Administers

Learn about the front-line ministry of Simple Church

Get first-hand answers to your administrative questions.

Begin by watching this Clay Shirky video clip.  This TED talk will help explalin the larger cultural shift the church is facing.

Over three hundred administrators have enjoyed a closer look at how Simple Church works. Milton Adams is available to meet with your administrative team.  Read letters of support from other administrators.

During a comprehensive presentation the following are covered:

  1. The nuts and bolts of how Simple Church works
  2. Church trends and “New Normals” in our developing global cultural
  3. Questions and answers
  4. Local contextual items

Contact Milton at:

Phone: 407 429-7281

Dissertations and Case studies

Developing, Planting, and Multiplying House Churches Using Principles of Missiology. Milton Adams’ doctoral dissertation is available for download. Thanks to Rusell Burrill, Kurt Johnson, and Don James, this dissertation recieved the 2010 Excellence in DMin Research Award presented by Andrews University.

  • Addresses the crisis Christianity is facing in western cultures
  • Builds a biblical foundation for house churches, including some biblical information that most people do not know about New Testament house churches.
  • Traces the beginning, development and multiplication of churches within the Simple Church Global Network.

Recovering an Adventist [Christian] Approach to the Life and Mission of the Local Church by Russell Burrill

NOTE: Please do not provide “start-up funds” for CORE4 teams who start Simple Churches. This actually goes against the principles of church planting movements and can cripple their process of “being the church.” To learn more about the principles of church planting movements, watch this 10-minute video: 10 Characteristics of Christ Planting Movements. Or you may download this PDF for additional information.

“Because the giving landscape is changing, Barna researchers believe there is extraordinary urgency behind this research. The shifting landscape of generosity means that church leaders not only should grapple with these questions, but also they must do so. There is no time like the present—when things are as good as they are likely to get—to explore the current and future efficacy of funding models for church and church planters.” “It’s likely to get tough in the next 10 years, and we have a God-given responsibility to think and plan for the lean years ahead. Now that we understand the context, we can use this data to get ready.” “In light of the research, what systems need to change? What would it look like to make a whole new model?” p. 47, 50-51.

George Barna, Church Startups and Money: A Barna Report Produced in Partnership with Thrivent Financial. 2016.

George Barna