Are There Wrong Reasons for Planting a Simple Church?

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You want to start your own house church? That’s great! But keep in mind this is a commitment that takes your whole heart.┬áIf any of the following items are part of the motivation to plant a new worship and study group, we pray you carefully reevaluate.

  • I don’t like our pastor.
  • I don’t like the music in our church.
  • I’m having some theological questions and want to try out my own methods.
  • I don’t like traveling so far to church.
  • I don’t want to be accountable.
  • I want to keep my tithe and offerings; I need them for my own expenses.
  • I just want to worship God.

While some of these reasons don’t sound particularly bad, overall they represent a self-centered religious consumerism.

Good reasons to plant a Simple Church? To reach the unreached people with the Everlasting Gospel. Simple Church is front-line missionary work, not an “escape” from your current church situation.